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227 days
Not Paying
Our Investment: $300.00
Payout Ratio: 136% in profit
Last Payout: Jul 5th, 2019
Lifetime: 229 days
Discussion: Monitored by HyipListers  AHM
Min/Max: 30 / 100000
Referral: Min 6% - Max 22%
Withdrawal: Manual
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Bitcoin PerfectMoney
0.65-0.92% for 30 days,; 0.81-1.08% for 60 days,; 0.85-1.12% for 90 days; 0.89-1.16% for 180 days; 0.92-1.19% for 360 days, principal back
Millions of people around the world are connected by the Weenzee system into a single network. People of various professions have come together here. They understand that today, whoever thinks about the future wins, thinks quickly and unconventionally, is ready to go to the goal using the technologies of the future and earn where billions rotate. At the forefront of the project are cryptocurrency experts, professional traders and financiers with unique knowledge, bringing multiple profits.

RCB Rates

Deposit % 1st Deposit Re-Deposit
Min Max RCB Bonus RCB Bonus
$1 $100000 100.00% 6% $0.00 6% $0.00

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RCB Requests for Weenzee | RCB Deposit: $1450 | RCB Paid: $87

Date User Deposit/RCB Account Status
Jun 28th, 2019 22:25:04 zhu******* $300.00/$18.00 PerfectMoney U12******* Paid
Jun 22nd, 2019 00:38:57 mot******* $200.00/$12.00 Bitcoin 3Ce******* Paid
Jun 4th, 2019 21:27:45 son******* $300.00/$18.00 PerfectMoney U21******* Paid
May 28th, 2019 06:39:32 man******* $300.00/$18.00 PerfectMoney U22******* Paid
Dec 6th, 2018 19:51:26 bis******* $200.00/$12.00 PerfectMoney U35******* Paid
Dec 2nd, 2018 06:52:58 99x******* $150.00/$9.00 PerfectMoney U23******* Paid
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